Sunday, February 17, 2008

Semi-annual Bath

My dog, Sonny, is virtually clean and odorless whole year round. All dirt will dry and fall off his coat. We were advised that Japanese Spitz only needs to be bathed twice a year. Last January we chose a very hot and sunny day for Sonny's 2008 first semi-annual bath.

Sonny does not like baths very much, as can be expected from an animal who only meets the bucket full of water twice a year. To do this task properly, my husband has to hold him down. Otherwise, he will wriggle himself free and try to jump out of the bath tub. He never escaped but the process would make the whole bathroom wet.

This is his picture during the bath. Not a very happy puppy. You can see his real head is very very small. It's all fur!!

Once we dry him with a towel, he has to stand in the sun for a few minutes. Natural hair drier, I suppose. I give him ice cubes and let him in a few minutes in between. We need the sun because his coat is dense. Using a human hair drier will only dry his outer coarser coat. The softer inner coat will need more work. Besides, I do not like the idea of shooting hot air on him for almost one hour.

When he is half dry, we let him inside the house. He always goes berserk at this stage, running around the house like a mad dog. Probably the dampness of his coat makes him pretty grumpy. You would be grumpy too if your whole body is wet, sticky and smelling of something strange.

Only after he is completely dry is he content and happy.

This is his picture afterwards, keen to be rewarded for his very good behaviour.

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