Saturday, February 9, 2008

Summer Rain

It has been raining almost every day in Sydney. Today did not feel like summer at all. Cool breeze swept inside the house from under the doors, drizzles came and went and the sun was hiding all day.

The dog in the picture is Sonny, my almost-two-year-old Japanese Spitz puppy. He was looking wistfully at the outside world, waiting for the rain to stop so he could go for his walkies. If it was not raining, he would be standing at the gate, sticking his head out and barking at anything that moved.

I just started this blog today, just for fun. I hope people will read and understand what I write. My plan was to write about anything, but always in a positive way. I am such a pessimistic, cynical and negative person that this might just be a bit of a challenge. So here goes nothing. I will try to put any positive thoughts down triggered by a picture. Like that first picture above.

I like wet weather because it reminds me of home. Home is where I came from: Jakarta, Indonesia. I have always pondered where my home is. Most of the time I think of Jakarta as home cause most of my family are there.

Years ago I was sent to work out of town for a few months. There was one night when the thunder was so loud and the rain was pouring hard. My room-mate was staring at the window with a smile on her face. I shared the sentiment.

She said she liked thunderstorms because it reminded her of her mother. Every time there was a thunderstorm, she would be safely at home, spending time with her mother. I think I like rains and thunderstorms because of that too. It hardly ever rains in Sydney, so when it does, I feel happy. The air smells familiar with all its stickiness, us running frantically to get home, listening to thunder rolls from under the blanket, watching TV together with rain humming in the background.

When it stops, I will be happy still. Cause then we can take Sonny out for his run and I can do the laundry. : )

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jlingo said...

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Just remember, when you are pessimistic, not only you are affecting yourself but you may also affect your loved one.